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Innovation Fair in Civitanova Marche

SMEs from Italy, France, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Slovenia, Serbia, Hungary and Bosnia and Herzegovina attended the Innovation Fair in Civitanova Marche in Italy on 6th and 7th June 2014. The event was a part of WIDER project – "Green groWing of SMEs: Innovation and Development in the energy sector in mEd aRea" and organized by Marche Regional Authority together with SVIM Development Agency.

The three-day event »InnovActors: New challenges and opportunities from Europe« was organized in collaboration with five different European Projects: WIDER, SEE-INNOVA, WIDER, INNOVageNETAgeNEXT. The Innovation Fair was considered as a networking opportunity to make partners from different European projects meet and create together innovative solutions, mainly related to age-friendly environments. It was an opportunity for different regional, national and European innovation stakeholders (enterprises, researchers, investors, policymakers, consultants, experts, etc) to meet and discuss competitive advantages in field of eco-smart housing for elderly. There were also some distinguished guests like the Italian Minister of Education, University and Research, the Minister of Economic Development and the European Commission.

Each partner could participate to several plenary sessions, parallel workshops, B2B meetings, laboratories, matchmaking events, moderated by experts, with the aim to enhance the exchange of knowledge and innovations.

Draft agenda you can find here.
Website: http://www.b2match.eu/innovactors


Plenary Session, Thursday 5 June 2014

Workshop »INNOVATION VOUCHER«, Thursday 5 June 2014

FABLAB Open Day DIGITAL MAKERS, Friday 6 June 2014

Innovation fair in Barcelona

Entrepreneurs, researchers, consultants and experts gathered at the Innovation Fair in Barcelona to co-create solutions for age-friendly environments

More than 80 participants from 10 EU countries attended the Innovation Fair in Barcelona on November 20th. The event was a part of WIDER project – "Green groWing of SMEs: Innovation and Development in the energy sector in mEd aRea", and organized by International Association of Science Parks in co-operation with ACCIÓ - The Catalan Company Support Agency. Beside the presentations held by 9 internationally recognised speakers, who introduced the best practices related to the creation of age friendly environments, workshops and very well-organized B2B meetings for SMEs also took place inside the programme.

Yuri Novikov, ANGO Resource Center, Ukraine: "The event was very well organized and provided me with the possibility to get a very clear impression about the WIDER project and its goals and objectives. Though the project is aimed, first of all, at the EU member states, the projection on Ukraine can easily be done, because Ukraine has quite the same patterns and tendencies aggravated with current economic challenges. So, I had opportunity to learn from scientists and practitioners relevant information that can be used in my routine work. Also, the fair has provided opportunity to make new contacts during both match-making meetings and informal communication during breaks. This helped me to agree with several other participants to stay in touch and use future opportunities for possible implementation of common projects."

The WIDER project deals with the issues of the ageing population as it aims to enhance the exchange of knowledge and innovations and improve the position of new products for small-sized and medium-sized companies following the whole delivery chain of eco smart houses for independent living of the elderly in seven regional and industrial Mediterranean areas.

Michael Burnard, University of Primorska, Slovenia: "This was an excellent networking opportunity with a completely new group of people. The meeting introduced me to an entirely new segment of the population to consider for my research. The group has many partners interested in computer modeling, data and network management, and electronic services that our University may be able to cooperate with."

The main focus of the Innovation Fair was detecting and highlighting the barriers as well as the new opportunities which entrepreneurs and the other providers of products and services are facing when entering the so-called "silver market". In the case of such an innovative market, where a lot of co-operation among different disciplines and approaches is needed, sharing of insights, studies, best practices and ideas is of great value.

Organizers managed to prepare different formats for interaction among the participants which turned out to be more than useful. Despite the knowledge transferred through presentations a lot of ideas were shared and collected during the workshops moderated by experts covering different fields related to ageing population. B2B meetings which took place at the end of the Innovation Fair gave opportunity to the participants to get in touch with complementary companies and set up the agenda for possible further co-operation regarding smart environments.

Ivan Pal, Deputy Prefect, Koprivnica-Krizevci County, Croatia: "The Fair was excellent. I got much more information than expected. We have collected a number of contacts and with some of them we are going in the development of their ideas into our region. With a company from Slovenia, which has presented their projects at the Fair, we are moving in the elaboration of the presented project in the rural areas of our country."

The next opportunity for the WIDER project participants to share their findings and results will be in the summer of 2014 in Ancona, Italy. In the meantime, 10 partners of the project will go on with the activities which can also be followed on the project’s web site.

HERE you can download agenda of Innovation Fair. If you participated at the Innovation Fair, you can still access to the list of all registered companies HERE.


Conclusions of 5 workshops:

Presentations were held by internationally recognised speakers

Workshop »Home design«