WIDER – Green Growing of SMEs:

Innovation and Development in the Energy Sector in the Mediterranean Area


Transnational list of knowledge providers was established in WIDER project from all partners regions and it’s published on this web site to show the importance of international concept of innovation voucher system. The partnership wants to keep the list ever-growing, beyond WIDER project’s lifetime collecting submissions by qualified knowledge providers in the eco-smart housing sector from the whole Mediterranean area and making this database a point of reference and a tool permanently available for those looking for such transnational experts.

Below you can find Knowledge providers list by country and by field of expertise.

KNOWLEDGE PROVIDER LIST (please click on flag)

Knowledge providers listed below have signed up to participate in the WIDER Innovation Vouchers scheme.


Institution Service Offered Contact Person Contact: Declaration of skills and expertise
Agemont Centro di Innovazione Tecnologica srl
  • It performs all the designing and prototyping activities associated with electronic microsystems
  • Expertise for developing on-chip solutions for image acquisition and transmission
Roberto Venturini P: 0039433486111
E: agemontcit.srl@legalmail.it
W: www.agemontcit.it
  • Strategy and business planning (strategy determination and drawing up of business plans)
  • Organizational development and innovation (design of new models, process engineering, job evaluations, etc)
  • Commercial growth (market analysis, customer assessment, commercial budgeting, etc)
  • Financial analysis and forecast (building of tailored model, process design, management coaching, etc)
  • Technology foresight (methodology definition, consensus building activities, roadmap design)
Massimiliano Sbragia P: 0039 0587 274807
E: m.sbragia@antonellibarsotti.it
W: www.antonellibarsotti.it
Alberto Scocco
  • Plan, organize and act training activities
  • Develop and verify business models and business plans
  • Project and analyze processes and workflows
  • Project and integrate conventional ICT systems and web solutions
  • Build business partnerships and networks
Alberto Scocco P: 00393388613701
E: albesco@gmail.com
W: www.lemappedelpensiero.it
AUTOLOGOS Srl Decision Support System (DSS) has to support decision makers to improve and optimize the planning, management and booking operations in intermodal transportation systems, the production and manufacturing systems. The novelty of the proposed DSS is the application of Cooperative System technologies to integrate, and then deploy cloud-services that support and enhance the specific services. The DSS is devoted to take tactical and operation decisions and designed to cooperate with different objects by exchange data and messages; the traffic control centre, the infrastructure, the market place, the fleet management centre, and the emergency centre.
The key activities of the company deal with logistics and warehousing, production planning, supply chain management, transportations and comodal logistics, with particular focus on port and dry-port systems, intelligent transportation systems, management of advanced home automation solutions and health care management. Such product and services represent cutting-edge solutions on the market due to the deep competencies of the key persons of the company."
Giorgio Iacobellis P: 0039 347 9669351
E: giorgio.iacobelli@poliba.itbr/> W: www.autologos.eu
Camera Work Srl
  • Consulting and assistance for the business start-up in the fields of marketing, communication, innovation, internationalization, EU project design and management
Ferdinando Blefari P: 0039(0)731204568
E: f.blefari@camerawork.it
W: www.camerawork.it
COSMOB Consorzio del Mobile s.p.a.
  • Study and research about physical integration of technology with furniture design to provide new functions and services inside home environment.
  • Development and technical validation of Smart object.
  • Research in health and well being area mainly linked to low emitting material and indoor air quality.
  • Development of intelligent furniture surfaces, integrated with sensors and electrical conductivity.
  • Develop indoor system solution.
  • Support in developing smart environment.
Gnaccarini Alessio P: 0039(0)721481269
E: cosmob@cosmob.it
W: www.cosmob.it
CETMA Design of medical Devices:
  • CETMA has a consolidated know-how in the design of medical devices comply with EU directive and Italian legislation. The service includes requirements analysis, concept design, design and implementation of mechatronic systems for applications n the medical field.
Clinical Engineering
  • The service is related to the design and implementation of information systems for the management of healthcare processes. The skills range from the development of modern systems of booking and reporting examinations, the graphic design of user interfaces (through sizing buttons, color choices, organization of the menus and functions), to advanced telemedicine systems for home care.
Surgical simulation and Virtual Training
  • Research and desing of surgical simulation systems of virtual models (expression of disease cases and real) feedback with audio-visual and pseudo tactile, development of 3D models of devices/products and virtual prototyping accessible by viewers of immersive 3D models.
Sonia Saracino P: 0039 0831 449303
E: sonia.saracino@cetma.it
W: www.cetma.it
CUBIT The main relevant R&D activities of CUBIT are focused on:
  • Internet of Things
  • Wireless technologies
  • Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN)
  • RFID technologies (Radio Frequency ID)
Specifically, the expertise achieved by CUBIT over years brought the company to create innovative products based on the following technologies:
  • Wireless MAN – Broadband Wireless Access (802.11x, Wi -Fi, HiperLAN/MAN, 802.16-Rev,2004, WIMax, WiBro, 802.16e, 802.20);
  • Wireless Sensor Networks;
  • Fourth Generation Cellular (LTE – Long Term Evolution,Next Generation Mobile);
  • Ultra Wide Band (UWB) Systems;
  • Radiofrequency, Micro wave and Millimetre Wave Systems.
Our research sectors are:
  • Smart City
  • Smart Metering
  • Smart Gridss
  • Infomobility
Federica Gelli P: 0039 050 754372
E: federica.gelli@cubitlab.com
W: www.cubitlab.com
Department of Architecture and industrial design “Luigi Vanvitelli” Seconda Università di Napoli The main topics covered are Applied Thermodynamics, Energy Savings and Lighting. He has participated as scientist in research project funded on local and national level, and is carrying out joint research with innovative applications, dedicated to the development of basis knowledge, also useful for industries, in many industrial researches and precompetitive development Sergio Sibilio P: 0039 081 5010844
E: sergio.sibilio@unina2.it,
W: www.architettura.unina2.it/ENG/index.asp
e-Linking Online systems s.r.l. Qualified consultancy about:
  • software systems interoperability
  • software for smart environments
  • internet of things
  • web solutions
  • communication solutions for e-care and emergency situations prevenction
Alberto Polzonetti P: 0039737402556/402560
E: info@e-lios.eu
W: www.e-lios.eu
Endo Engineering s.r.l.
  • Professional services and consulting qualified for CE marking
  • Tests and measurements
  • Risks analysis and preparation for users manual Massimo Ambrosi
Roberto Bedini P: 0039719156048
E: info@endoengineering.it
W: www.endoengineering.it
  • Research and Development to improve Industrial
  • Production Processes
  • Research and Development to improve quality work environment
Jenny Andreani P: 0039 0733 686327
E: j.andreani@est-it.com
W: www.est-it.com
EST Srl_declaration
  • It helps entrepreneurs and professionals to start their own business.
  • Development of business skills and management to accelerate the growth of innovative start-ups, professionals and entrepreneurs.
  • Research for ordinary and concessional funding sources.
  • Professional advice on head tax, management training in the legal, administrative, fiscal and commercial sector.
  • Mentoring/coaching.
  • Support on the definition of the company corporate governance.
  • Support on the identification and establishment of strategic partnerships.
  • Business development.
  • Protection and exploitation of intellectual property.
  • Support on internationalization, on product/service development and testing.
Giorgio Guidi P: 0039(0)719980268
E: info@the-hive.it
W: www.the-hive.it
FVB SRL_declaration
Greenerg S.r.l.
  • EXPERT ADVICE on Energy, Safety and Environmental
  • BIOARCHITECTURE-CENTERED ENGINEERING AND PLANNING&DESIGN services, both on buildings and on urban scale
  • Production and supply of low-impact materials, furniture and finishes and production and supply of technological solutions aimed at energy production from renewable sources and / or at reducing the energy consumption.
  • Targeted services in the field on home automation and assistance
  • Building energy efficiency, property and facility management
Mihai Diana Laura P: 0039(0)721259073
E: info@greenerg.it
W: www.greenerg.it
Greenerg S.r.l._declaration
Ing. Andrea Pistoli
  • Advice and development of technological products
  • Advice on the best technologies and development about technology integration
  • Advice and design on energy efficiency improvement through application of automation systems
Andrea Pistoli P: 00393276847469
E: info@pistoliprogetti.it
W: www.pistoliprogetti.it
Andrea Pistoli_declaration
ISER Tech Srl
  • Hardware Design and Development
  • Software Design and Development
  • Verification and Validation
Alessandro Venturini P: 0039 3356201869
E: alessandro.venturi@isertech.it
W: www.isertech.it
ITEB s.r.l.
  • Energy consulting
  • Environmental analysis and design
  • Project development
  • Function-oriented space design
  • Custom software development
  • Training courses
Cristian Bomba P: 00393297045407
E: info@itebsrl.eu
W: www.itebsrl.eu
  • Scouting
  • Tutoring
  • Business planning
  • Business modelling
  • Business development
  • Mentoring
  • Networking
  • Recruiting
  • Fund raising
  • Professional advisor for:
    intellectual property rights, communication and marketing, administrative, accounting, financial aspects, egal and legal-contractual aspects, business coaching, internationalization, strategic management, business management, public and private finance
Roberta Facchini P: 0039 0731 1940000
E: r.facchini@jcube.org
W: www.jcube.org
META Srl META Srl is founded by a multidisciplinary staff with extensive capabilities in the ICT, environmental and electronics engineering, telecommunications, and innovation engineering, capable to identify and manage unconventional solutions for industrial, civil and engineering needs. META Srl is able to provide qualified services as: strategic consulting, planning, design, and program and construction management. We can master, develop, and integrate leading edge technologies and market proven methodologies for our Customer's products, processes, infrastructures and related services. Andrea Fino Lucio Ciabattoni
P: 00390712204462,
0039 3922891633
0039 0712204471

E: lucio.ciabattoni@metasistemi.it

W: www.metasistemi.it
  • Consultancy
  • Analysis
  • Project management
  • Research and Development Realization of custom
  • Embedded systems following specific customer's requirements
Andrea Fino P: 0039 3355263743
E: af@netzen.it
Polytechnic University of Marche Region In the context of Ambient Assisted Living, the TLC group of the UNIVPM recently started a research activity aimed at implementing a home automation system to support the daily life of elderly or partially impaired people that should integrate also Telemedicine capabilities, to interface the person at home with a remote health assistance operator. As a consequence, the TLC-UNIVPM group is currently performing experimental and research activities to: - create a "local" network of biomedical devices used to monitor the health conditions of the patient, over wireless link such as Bluetooth, NFC or others proprietary solutions; - implement smart interfaces to collect all the biomedical data provided by the sensor devices and transfer them to the remote centre. The interfaces shall be able also to control and manage the whole home automation system, and to enable audio/video connection within the home and to external destinations; - design and implement the software engines necessary to operate the central unit, the sensor devices, and the remote operator site. As an example, a properly designed database is needed to collect and organize the users' data, and a proper software application is necessary to allow the medical operator access the database and manage the connection with the remote patients (audio and video communications, message exchange, telepresence). Francesco Piazza P: 0039 0712204453
0039 0712204471
E: f.piazza@univpm.it
W: www.univpm.it
Polytechinc University_declaration
  • Patents
    (Patent search, draft, filing, prosecution and portfolio management; Patent licensing, technology transfer agreements and other commercial transactions;Patent enforcement, litigation and dispute resolution)
  • Trademarks
    (Trademark search, filing, prosecution and portfolio management; Trademark licences, assignement and other commercial transactions; Trademark oppositions, cancellations, litigation and enforcement)
  • Industrial Design
  • Copyright
  • Domain Names
Monica Stocco P: 0039 0732 627445
E: m.stocco@marbre.it
W: www.marbre.it
Meccano ScpA
  • PLM/CAD-CAM-CAE Specialized Centre
  • Rapid Prototyping Specializing Centre
  • Controls, measurements and testing
  • Assistance, inspections and training
  • Notified Body acknowledged for the Electromagnetic Compatibility
Letizia Urbani P: 00393298327930
E: lurbani@meccano.it
W: www.meccano.it
  • Didactic-experimental pole aimed at promoting and diffusing small photovoltaic plants in Montelupone (MC)
  • Project aimed at upgrading energy efficiency of buildings of the Department of Mathematics of the University of Camerino
  • Project of the innovative photovoltaic panel PEnSy
Angela Giovanna Leuzzi P: 0039 0737 404256
E: info@pensy.it
W: www.pensy.it
  • Innovative applications in Flexible Transport (DRT)
  • Sustainable urban mobility
  • Multi-modality
  • Interoperability
  • Traveller Information Systems
  • Virtual assistance to travellers
  • Innovative ticketing, booking and payment systems
  • Mobile-integrated systems and services
  • Management of transport offer/demand
  • ITS for electro-mobility
  • Cooperative Systems
Silvia Magnalardo P: 0039 071 799961
E: s.magnalardo@pluservice.net
W: www.pluservice.net/en
  • Technology foresight
  • Definition of concept
  • Product design
  • Usability and ergonomics
  • Design system product
  • Innovative Technologies
  • Innovative finishes
  • Life cycle analysis
Innovation Market
  • Marketing and International marketing
  • Market Analysis
  • Incoming operators
  • Organising cultural events
  • Organization of events for commercial purposes
  • Strategic control of markets and market penetration organized
  • Multimedia and e-commerce
  • Business Communication
Process Innovation
  • Improving production efficiency and environmental
  • Tests and certifications
Qualified services
  • Technological innovation support of product and process
  • Organizational support for innovation and the introduction of ICT
  • Support for commercial innovation
  • Strategic Markets
  • Upgrade to a specific service
Marilena Branchina P: 0039 050 26158
E: project@yachtinglab.it
W: www.navicelli.it
Studio Medico Associato “Centro Storico Jesi” Advice to the health needs of the elderly population and vital signs to be monitored consultancy for the type of equipment to be used for electro in general and in relation to the specific needs of the person training in the elderly population on the use of electromedical equipment and monitoring interpretation of medical data collection and clinical evaluation of the health of the person. Giuliano Sebastianelli P: 0039 0731 20015
E: giulianosebastianelli@medicentrojesi.it
W: www.medicentrojesi.it
Studio Medico_declaration
Tecnomarche s.c.a.r.l. Qualified consultancy about:
  • Technological platform
  • Integration of Consumer Electronics products
  • Integration of sensors into the target environment
  • Speech and gesture recognition platform
  • Environmental control systems
  • Usage and control of Ambient Intelligence Systems
  • Human/environment interaction systems
  • Development of a new method of disbursement of health services for elderly and disabled people
Roberto Bedini P: 0039736343644
E: pstmarche@pstmarche.it
W: www.pstmarche.it
Test'Ing S.r.l.
  • It performs tests and measures aimed at certification of electrical, electronic and electromechanical products
Massimo Ambrosi P: 0039710971877
E: info@test-ing.it
W: www.test-ing.it


Institution Service Offered Contact Person Contact: Declaration of skills and expertise
  • Strategy
    All projects are based on a detailed communication strategy. We studied the industry , competition , precedents , projection , positioning and draw conclusions that will define communication.
  • Branding
    Strategic brand development projects, corporate identity and communication. We combine knowledge and creativity to generate value. An ambitious, differential, highly committed to the vision results.
  • Communication
    Brand communication to launch companies, products and services.From the tone of the message, text, ...to support and media, everything communicates and transmits values. Creative Communication.
  • Campaigns
    Communication campaigns aimed at results. Communicate clear and focused objectives to target, communicate ideas.
  • Benchmark and capitalization of experiences
Abel de Benito P: 0034 606 506 215
E: abeldb@abeldb.com
W: http://abeldb.com/web
  • Development of Patient Support Programs tailored to specific disease to allow improving clinical outcomes, better monitoring of treatment tolerance and adherence and patient’s experience with the drug treatments.
Maite Artés P: 0034934523811
E: Maite.artes@adelphi.es
W: www.adelphi.es
  • Research and identification of appropriate funding for innovative sme's
  • Elaboration of business plans and economic and financial feasibility studies
  • Definition of strategies and action plans together with project management assistance
  • Capacity building in energy efficiency, financial instruments and internationalization
  • Creation and management of networks, proposal writing, and management and coordination of projects
  • Expertise in energy and environmental fields (energy efficiency in buildings, green mobility, green logistics, sustainable freight transport)
  • Benchmark and capitalization of experiences
Mònica Rivera Escrich P: 0034 93 250 30 79
E: administracio@albea-transenergy.com
W: www.albea-transenergy.com
Amaisys Technologies
  • Integrated and architectural engineering
  • Legal Services
  • Technological Engineering
  • Information Technology Communications
Hector Colado P: 0034 93 215 31 95
E: amaisystech@amaisys.com
W: www.amaisys.com
  • •Internationalization and technology transfer: Design of strategic Plans to internationalize your technology or your business in new markets; Advice and support to search and establish technology alliances in Canada and Europe; Support for grouped internationalization of SMEs in a common new market of interest
  • Access to european funds: Support to access European funds and financial instruments; Support to create European consortia; Support to design and develop your EU proposals; Management of European Projects; Assessment of impact and results & knowledge capitalization
  • Training: Tailored courses on European projects management and internationalization; Capacity building for enterprises and institution; Our leading course: Simulation of a Call for Proposals Workshop; Innovative methodologies based on learning by doing and simulations at a “near-to-real” scale
  • Network of partners: Bconnections establishes links and partnerships with other experts to provide further expertise in areas related to its core business
Àngels Orduña Cao P: 0034 68 7431192
E: angels@bconnections.net
W: www.bconnections.net
Biomedical Engineering Research Centre of the Technical University of Catalonia
  • Methods for extracting surfaces from volumetric data simpllificación Methods for 3D mesh
  • Geometric Modeling volume, data visualization, biomedical Applications of Computer Graphics
  • Modeling and visualization of data multimodal anatomical and functional brain
  • Reconstruction of the cerebral vasculature.
  • Reconstruction of any part of the human body.
  • Computer Simulation of surgical endoscopic intervention of the prostate
  • Design and development of 3D serious games
Manel González Piñero P: 0034 93 401 1693
E: Manel.gonzalez@upc.edu
W: www.creb.upc.edu
Research Centre1_declaration
Biomedical Engineering Research Centre of the Technical University of Catalonia Robotics and Vision:
  • Advce on process Automation
  • Adaptation and Automation facilities
  • DEvelopment of vision Systems for inspection and robot guidance
  • DStudy and design of technical aids for people with physical and sensory disabilities
Instrumentation and eHealh:
  • Design of Medical and biotechnological instrumentation
  • Design and caracterization of ultrasònic transducers
  • Design of control and monitorin equipment
  • Bioimpedance test and ECG electrodes
Manel González Piñero P: 0034 93 401 1693
E: Manel.gonzalez@upc.edu
W: www.creb.upc.edu
Research Centre2_declaration
Cynertia Consulting, S.L. Consultancy in:
  • Innovation Management
  • Business Strategy
  • Startup Coaching
  • Finance, M&A
  • Business Planning
  • Information Systems Planning
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Software Development
  • Project Management Offices
Alex, Ballarin P: 0034 650 130 050
E: info@cynertiaconsulting.com
W: www.cynertiaconsulting.com
Cynertia Consulting_declaration
Edenway The Business Development offer is based on 2 steps: Modelling and Industrialization.
  • Establishment of a pattern
    • Offer and Business Model
    • New plan of actions
    • Development Model

  • Industrialization
    • Sales and marketing development
    • Operational support
Lucia Gonzalez P: 0034 637 716 865
W: www.edenwaygroup.com
Energy for Business We provide professional services based on the best practices of leading international groups and with a special focus on projects related to Smart Energy and Health & Care:
  • Strategy and business models,
  • Market access and development,
  • Market research and project launch strategy,
  • Sales and marketing,
  • Business plans and management control.
Elvira Martín P: 0034 93 170 99 45
E: info@energyforbusiness.es
W: http://energyforbusiness.es
  • Energy audit
  • Energy Consulting
  • Advice energy and environmental
  • Project installations
  • Installations: Electricals, climate, heating, gas, water ...
  • Maintenance and facilities
  • Construcion sustainable
  • R & D
  • Workshops for the eldery
  • Monitoring of installations
Pau Roma P: 0034 93 269 06 34
E: pau.roma@es-itec.com
W: www.es-itec.com
  • Photonics Devices: Develop of flexible devices for energy production (OPV – Organic Photovoltaic) and research on solid lighting field by means of printing electroluminescence devices (EL) and hybrid leds (HYLEDs).
  • Printing Electronics: Develop of circuits and electronic components through different techniques of printing.
  • Printing Sensors: Print different sort of sensors -pressure, movement, biopotentials, breathing, extensiometrics, etc.
  • Surface Biofunctionalitation: Controlled immobilization of bio-molecules to obtain complex biological surfaces, with customized designs and applications
Ma. Carme Margelí P: 0034 93 7419100
E: cinfantes@cetemmsa.com
W: www.cetemmsa.com
Fundació i2Cat
  • Telemedicine
  • mHealth
  • Internet Applications for patients
  • Living Labs and users involvement
Manel Guerris P: 0034 93 553 25 10
E: fundacio@i2cat.net
W: www.i2cat.net
Fundació i2Cat_declaration
Fundació Parc de Salut
  • Management and technical support on collaborative R&D&I projects
  • Hospital Cooperation and testing products on real and simulated scenarios
  • Strategy analysis, IPR advice and business models development
Ramon Maspons P: 0034 93 723.66.73
0034 93 745.84.52 E:
W: www.parcdesalut.com
Fundació Parc_declaration
Fundació Privada ASCAMM
  • Contract and collaborative R&D projects
  • Integral product/process design and development from technical and economic feasibility studies to functional prototypes or demonstrators
  • Life cycle analysis and eco-design procedures
  • Testing for new product/application validation
  • Innovation and Strategic Management: Technology Watch, IPR management, Technological Foresight studies, Business models benchmarking, Market introduction strategy, Funding search
  • Training and consulting
Jordi Ribatallada P: 0034 935 944 700
E: jribatallada@ascamm.com
W: www.ascamm.com
Fundació Privada ASCAMM
  • Contract and collaborative R&D projects
  • Integral product/process design and development from technical and economic feasibility studies to functional prototypes or demonstrators
  • Life cycle analysis and eco-design procedures
  • Testing for new product/application validation
  • Innovation and Strategic Management: Technology Watch, IPR management, Technological Foresight studies, Business models benchmarking, Market introduction strategy, Funding search
  • Training and consulting
Esther Hurtos P: 0034 935 944 700
E: ehurtos@ascamm.com
W: www.ascamm.com
Fundació Privada _declaration
GR Industrial Design
  • Product-Concept analysis (User, Biz, Tech)
  • Outlooking Study (Color&Trim, Style)
  • 3D Design Detail / Concept and Outlook development
  • Tech. Development for industrialization
Iñaki Remiro P: 00 34 934143440
E: remiro@grindustrialdesign.com
W: www.grindustrialdesign.com
GR Industrial_declaration
  • New product and service development
  • Business models and product market fitting
  • Innovation marketing and commercialization
Joan Parra P: 0034 93 226 71 38
E: info@kimglobal.com
W: www.kimglobal.com
  • Self-management diabetis management (control and home alarm)
ARECHAGA, FRANCISCO P: 0034 630 95 94 95
E: Francisco.arechaga@socialdiabetes.com
W: www.socialdiabetes.com
Stimulo Design SL
  • Strategy to define the product brief
  • Concept research to find outstanding ideas
  • 3D Design to deliver a high-impact attractive design
  • Technical development to make the design workable
  • Industrialization to optimize production and costs
  • Implementation to maximize the product impact in the market
Stimulo Design SL Xavier Majoral P: 0034 93 841 35 89
E: xavi@stimulo.com
W: www.stimulo.com
Tioman & partners, s.l.
  • Sustainable and market oriented innovative solutions for products, services and environments
Javier Ganzarain P: 0034 93 325 47 06
E: rdi@tioman-and-partners.com
W: www.tioman-and-partners.com
Universitat de Girona
  • We offer vitam®, a set of professional tools for secure videoconferencing. vitam® has been designed for an eHealth enviroment. It runs in different devices (PC, tablets and smartphones) an operating systems (Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS).
Fátima Calvo P: 0034 972 41 80 34
0034 972 41 89 02
E: valoritzacio@udg.edu
W: www.udg.edu


Institution Service Offered Contact Person Contact: Declaration of skills and expertise
  • Design duty specific switchboards
  • Energy Saving consulting
  • Project management in elettrical installation
  • Facilities maintenance
  • Contract and collaborative R&D projects
  • New electrical designs validation
Mr. Apostolos Plastiras, Proprietor / Owner P: 0030 2392041902
E: aplastiras@gmail.com
APOSTOLOS_ declaration
  • Processes re-organisation
  • Staff selection
  • Financing solutions
  • Staff training and development
Dr. Fotis Mavromatidis - management Consultant P: 0030 2310566767
E: fotis@aplan.gr
ANELIXI - Civil Society for Research Promotion and Dissemination of Renewable Sources Applications and Ecological Architecture
  • Providers of technical expertise in actions of passive energy design and clean technologies in the building sector
Remos Kouvoukliotis P: 0030 2310 452823 / 0030 6977 289027
E: remos@kouvoukliotis.gr
ANELIXI _declaration
  • Smart Home automotions support
  • Mobile infomobility services
  • Technical aid for accessibility
Mr Evangelos Bekiaris, Research Director, Sector A P: 0030 2111069551
E: abek@certh.gr
CHATZICHRISTOS CHRISTOS Research and Assessment on:
  • Specific courses / events / conferences organization
  • Finance services
  • Management Control
Mr. Christos Chatzichristos P : 0030 6932888450
E : cchristos@drcc.eu
CHIMAR HELLAS S.A. CHIMAR HELLAS S.A. develops and licenses competitive, state-of-the-art industrial technology (know-how) for the production of:
  • Formaldehyde resins (UF, UMF, MF, MUF, MUPF, PF), for standard and special applications of particleboard, MDF, OSB, plywood, glulam, LVL;
  • Impregnation syrups (UF, MF, PF) for laminated paper, LPL, HPL;
  • Low formaldehyde emission resin systems (E1 plus, CARB II, F****). CHIMAR is a pioneer in the reduction of formaldehyde emission, providing technology for emission at the level of natural wood;
  • Additives (hardeners, cross-linking agents, formaldehyde scavengers, resin substitutes, fire retardants, moisture resistance promoters, release agents, wetting agents, various additives for laminating syrups);
  • Bio-based resins derived from renewable biomass products or by-products.
The CHIMAR technology is protected via a portfolio of international patent families and via trade-secrets.
CHIMAR offers  procurement  and engineering services in the areas of:
  • Turnkey chemical plants producing formaldehyde, UFC (urea-formaldehyde-pre-condensate), resins and chemical additives;
  • Equipment for industrial plants (resin reactors, tanks, glue kitchens);
  • Process technology and support for plants producing formaldehyde, UFC, resins and additives;
  • Project management for the installation and operation of plants;
  • Optimization and revamp of existing plants.
Mrs. Eleftheria Athanassiadou R&D Support and IP Protection Manager P : 0030 2310 424167
E : eathan@ari.gr
  • Consulting and project management
  • Feasibility studies
  • Business olans and strategies
  • Building and home automation services
  • Energy efficient ways for lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning
Mrs Margarita Skiada - Consultant P: 0030 2104827296 (17)
E: skiada@datagrid.gr
Democritus University of Thrace – School of Engineering
  • Lean Production and Supply Chain Manager
  • Mass Customization
Dr. Alexander Tsigkas, Assistant Professor P: 0030 2541079307
E: atsigkas@pme.duth.gr
Department of Architectural Design and Architectural Technology - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Research, development and design in:
  • Smart spaces
  • Materials and constructional systems in connection with the use of new environmental pioneering technologies (renewable sources of energy, ICT, automated and responsive systems) targheting always to energy preservation and users – inhabitants' thermal or in general comfort.
Mrs. Tatiana Andreadou Professor P: 0030 2310 995517
Mob: 0030 6937165509
E: andkal@arch.auth.gr
W : www.arch.auth.gr
EDY ELECTRONICS Design and manufacture of electronic products and specialized software Mr. Niko Nikitoglou Electronics engineer P: 0030 2315 508454
E: info@edy-electronics.com
  • Hardware and software design
  • Custom embedded solutions
  • Smart home automation system design
Mr. Panagiotis Christodoulou, Electronics Engineer P: 0030 2310328479
0030 6976216170
E: pc@elbis.gr
ELVIAL The company has a R&D department consisting of five engineers, advanced s/w programs such as Autocad, Solid Works 14 for 3D objects design, Orgadata, Flixo for Uf calculation Energy efficiency) etc. So far the company has designed and is successfully providing in more than 14 countries, 32 complete aluminum systems, as well as industrial aluminum profiles customized to the needs and specifications of every company Mr. Vladimiros Georgios Theodoridis P: 0030 2341 039533
E: vthe@elvial.gr
  • Development of Standard ELOT 1439 “Organization friendly to citizens with disabilities -Requirements and Recommendations’’
  • evaluation of investment proposals, research, process development, product validation, quality control, chemical analysis, evaluations, development of educational material, adult education, inspector and assessor
Mrs Eleftheria Katechaki, Owner / Freelancer P : 0030 6947321427
E : elkatehaki@hotmail.com
  • Evaluation and development planning studies
  • Business consulting services
  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Energy Saving and Renewable Energy Schemes for the public (i.e. municipalities) and private sector
  • Wastewater Management Plans
  • Regional Operational Plans (elaboration and evaluation) and other Sustainable Development Projects (i.e. Assessment of Carrying Capacity and visitors management plans for protected areas, Environmental Management Plans for regions and municipalities, Studies on the establishment of Environmental Education Centers, Sustainable Transport etc).
Mr. Stylianos Gyparakis Consultant P : 0030 2810 361242 (ext. 122)
E : sgg@etam.gr
W : www.etam.gr
ETAM S.A._ Declaration
GECON Services as a mentor or consultant for existing and start up companies Dr. Constantinos Georgakas Partner and Managing Director P: 0030 2310 344091
E: info@gecon.gr
GECON _declaration
  • Management control consultancy
  • Organization and human resources cosultancy
  • Finance consultancy
Mr. Spyridon Chioteris, Manager P: 0030 2310 241714
E: info@helleniconsulting.gr
Information Technologies Institute – Center for Research and Technology Hellas Research and Technology in:
  • Image and signal processing, computer vision
  • Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Biomedicine – Bioinformatics
  • Biosignals processing
  • Robotics
  • ICT for Environment Monitoring, Geosciences and Remote Sensing
  • Social Network Analysis
  • E-Health
  • Networks and Communications
Mrs. Kalliopi Boudanour P : 0030 2311 257701
E : kalm@iti.gr
W: www.certh.gr
  • Design of industrial automation (control automation, power converters, drive communication)
  • Energy efficiency control techniques for electric motor drives
  • Design of building and home automations
  • Robot design (contro, power converter, communication
  • Control design for renewable energy sources (wind and PV applications)
  • Development of prototypes for mechatronic control systems
  • Development of prototypes for energy saving in elevator applications (braking energy recovery system)
Mr. Christos Mademlis, Assistant Professor, Director of Electrical Machine Laboratory P : 0030 2310 996234
M : 0030 6947 427201
E: mademlis@eng.auth.gr
MobiTek RFID's software development for elderly Mr. Anastasios Kaitatzis, IT Manager P: 0030 2310 223006
E: akaitatzis@mobitek.gr
IOANNIS D. PAZAITIS Technical projects involving planning, supervision / construction, project management and maintenance operations of engineering products and services for energy, industrial, housing, tourism and development projects. Especially focusssed in Engineering Design Services for products in assisting patients affected by neurophysic diseases (e.g Multiple sclerosis, MS) implementing modern technolyday life activities nationwide, Mr. Ioannis Pazaitis Head od Engineering Design, Owner P: 0030 23310 68125
M: 0030 6974 068840
E: ipazaitis@gmail.com
  • Eco - Green Design
  • Smart Materials and Systems (innovation)
  • Parametric design and Fabrication
  • Automated systems (development)
  • Experience in many advanced parametric design programs (Digital project, Solid Works, Rhino-Grasshopper, Revit, 3DsMax)
Mr. Georgios Vlachodimos, Architect Engineer P: 0030 2310 263646
M: 0030 6945336013
E: g.vlachodimos@yahoo.com
SYSTSERV AE. ICT / Consulting Services:
  • Custom software / systems development
  • Systemic launching of prototype systems and services to scientific and professional bodies in Greece and other European countries

Integrated medical informatics / health care/services:
  • Use of the interactive Telediagnosis Application
  • Statistical processing and data mining of medical data
  • Services for interconnections and integration of various medical sunsystems.
  • Medical device communication software development.
  • Provision and Support of SystHealth System and emergency situations prevention.
  • Electronic Health records
  • Distribution of Medical Equipment and Software
  • Homecare Services
Mrs. Hara Pylarinou, CEO P: 0030 6940804900
E: pylarinou@systserv.com
  • Management, Restructuring and Financial Consulting Services
  • Engineering and Project Managenent Services
  • Evaluation Systema and Services
  • Outsourcing services
  • IT customized services
Mr. Angelos Protopsaltis Consultant – Mechanical Engineer P: 0030 2103600420
TEC BS SA_declaration
Technological Educational Institute of Thessaly – Department of Wood and Furniture, Design and Technology
  • Feasibility studies
  • Business production and operation accounting
  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Organization of New Products Development processes
  • Organization of product’s portfolio, newsletter/media kit – advertisement – e-marketing
  • Techno-economic studies of mechanical equipment in wood & furniture industries – establishment/expansion of new production units
  • Technical support for industrial and intellectual property applications, institutional patent of products and technologies
  • Organization of seminars, conferences, meetings and events related to wood & furniture production technology, design and marketing of products
Mrs Glykeria Karagouni
Lecturer –member of the Laboratory
P: 0030 24410 79206 (int.110)
E: karagg@teilar.gr
W: http://www.teilar.gr/index_en.php
Technological Educational Institute of Thessaly _declaration
Technological research center of Thessaly – Technological institute Research and Assessment on:
  • Business process management
  • Business software
  • Smart Applications, RFIDs. Internet of Things
  • Service Oriented Applications
  • Adaptation and Control
  • Reactive, Self – Organizing Applications
  • Personalization and Real Time Applications
  • Crowds Sourcing, Big Data Management
  • Prototype Development
  • Feasibility Studies
Dr. Anthony Karageorgos - Assistant Professor P : 0030 24410 64712
E : karageorgos@teithessaly.gr
  • A and b – testing of platforms aiming to the amelioration of the life of the elderly and care providers
  • Functional design of products dedicated to the elderly
  • Self – and assisted use of implementation
  • Emotional design and evaluation of subject’s affective output
  • Elaboration of e-care and e-health platforms, in order to promote self-independence of people with dementia and monitor health status, in collaboration with professional settings, in a hospice – free environment
Mrs. Artemissia – Phoebe, Nifli, Adjunct Professor P: 0030 6947 368364
E: phoebenifli@teilar.gr
THEODOROS SEREMETAKIS Research and Assessment on:
  • Strategic Planining and Business Modelling
  • Financial consultancy
  • Marketing Consultancy
  • Home Automation
  • Domotics
  • E – care / e-health
  • Sacurity and Safety
Mr. Theodoros Seremetakis P : 0030 6937354837
E: Crms.ts@gmail.com
TRANSPORT SYSTEMS RESEARCH GROUP OF THE ARISTOTLE UNIVERSITY OF THESSALONIKI Research on both transport specific and horizontal issues covering the fields of:
  • Accessibility and “Design for all”
  • Human factors
  • Socio-economic analysis
  • Environment and sustainable development
  • Management systems
  • Telematics
  • Policy and Planning
  • Logistics
  • Operational research
  • Vast experience in projects concerning accessibility of elderly and people with restricted mobility
Mr. Aristotelis Naniopoulos, Professor P: 0030 2310 995765
E: naniopou@civil.auth.gr

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Institution Service Offered Contact Person Contact: Declaration of skills and expertise
Amila Pilav Velić (School of Economic and Business)
  • Business plan development
  • Marketing strategy
  • Online Marketing strategy
  • Customer Relationship management and systems
  • Web design and development - Information technology and systems
Amila Pilav Velić P: 00387 33 275 996
E: amila.pilav-velic@efsa.unsa.ba
W: www.efsa.unsa.ba
School of Economic1_declaration
COMP-2000 We are offering consultancy in Smartphone applications. SMEs will be able to develop and promote their green services and educate older people in a »greener«, digital way without paperology that involves tree damage. Alma Gibić, Business Development Manager P: 00387 61 942 875
E: galma@comp-2000.ba
W: www.comp-2000.com.ba
COMP-IT COMP-IT is an IT company focused largely on development of software applications. We have helped many clients to operate their businesses in an environment friendly and sustainable manner by reducing their papyrology, production spoilage and energy costs with support of our software applications. Our software are custom maid and tailored for each costumer to ensure best results. Mustafa Toroman, IT Consultant P: 00387 33 712 320
E: tmustafa@comp-it.ba
W: www.comp-it.com.ba
DAMIR SELAK (BEZEC DSK Consulting Group)
  • Business strategy development
  • Marketing strategy & Communications
  • Sales strategy
Damir Selak P: 00387 61 524 735
E: bezecinfo@gmail.com
W: www.bezec-consulting.com
BEZEC DSK_declaration
DPA Systems Software development in area of digitization:
  • Data collection
  • Data extracti on
  • Data processi ng
  • Data archiving
Nedžib Bukalo, Director P: 00 38733921405
and 0038 761784565
E: n.bukalo@dpasystems.com
W: www.dpasystems.com
DPA Systems_declaration
Enver Karahmet (Faculty for Agriculture and Food Science)
  • Creation of business plans
  • Creation of feasibility studies
  • Business consulting for small and medium enterprises
  • Researching market and questioning public opinion
  • Technology transfer and research
Enver Karahmet, Ass. Prof. PhD P: 00 387 61 10 69 52
E: enverkarahmet@yahoo.com
Faculty for Agriculture_declaration
Hazim Bašić (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering)
  • Technology transfer and research
Hazim Bašić, Prof. Phd P: 38761818448
E: basic@mef.unsa.ba
W: www.mef.unsa.ba
Faculty of Mechanical_declaration
IGT - Research and development Centre of Gas Technology
  • Planning, Design and Supervision of energy installations and plants (especially, in the field of natural gas, heat energy, and energy efficiency)
  • Consulting on gas network development, heat energy network development, renewable energy, energy efficiency
  • Energy audits
  • Heating system inspection
  • Laboratory and on-site testing of gas equipments and Boilers
  • Trainings, seminars, workshops on different area of energy (gas technology, energy efficiency)
Faruk Jakupović, Director P: 00387 (33) 610 651
E: faruk.jakupovic@igt.ba
W: www.igt.ba
Jasmina Mangafić (School of Economic and Business)
  • Financial reports analysis
  • Preparation of loan applications and business plans
  • Responsibility for developing and maintaining customers network
  • Conducting market research and data processing
  • Performance evaluation
Jasmina Mangafić P: 00387 61 141 729
E: jasmina.mangafic@efsa.unsa.ba
W: www.efsa.unsa.ba
School of Economic2_declaration
MF PLUS – Company for Finacial Advice and Consulting
  • Writing projects in the field withdrawing funds from the EU and national funds
  • Monitoring, evaluation and creation of final narrative, financial and project reports
  • Creation of business plans
  • Creation of feasibility studies
  • Business consulting for small and medium enterprises
  • Consulting in strategic management area
  • Due diligence condition in the enterprises, projections and consultations for development
  • Consulting in strategic management and strategic planning areas
  • Consulting in human resources management area
  • Reengineering of existing processes and suggestions for better and more efficient organization of the enterprise
  • Legal assistance during establishment and management of the enterprise
  • Creation of accounting and audit reports
  • Trainings of employees in various areas
  • Services of organizing trainings, seminars, presentations, press conferences/renting hall/renting equipment
  • Comission trade
  • Researching market and questioning public opinion
  • Translation and interpretation activities
Indira Špiljak, Director P: 00387 33481205 or 00387 62712406
E: mfplus.info@mfplus.ba
W: www.mfplus.ba
MF PLUS_declaration
Nina Imamović (Freelance architect 81AD architecture & design) Development of new products and services, research and development, smart environment & housing, lighting & shading, ramps, adapted furniture Nina Imamović P: 00387 61 755 044
E: info@81ad.ba
E: nina.imamovic@gmail.com
W: www.81ad.ba
Nina Imamović_declaration
  • designing
  • design support
  • consulting
  • production
Miroslav Rojs, Director P: 00 387 61137797
E: rojsmi@gmail.com
W: www.stillesenterijeri.com


Institution Service Offered Contact Person Contact: Declaration of skills and expertise
Biotopo ®
  • Architecture - project development, monitoring of work
  • Planning - project development
  • Coordination of specialties - design of equipment or furniture
Ana Bordalo P: 00351 289 543 058
E: ana.bordalo@gmail.com
  • Numerical simulation of Building Thermal Behaviour: Evaluation and improvement of thermal comfort and internal air quality.
Eusébio Conceição P: 00351 289 800 900
E: econcei@ualg.pt
CINTAL EC_declaration
  • Motor and cognitive impairment vary according to the underlying disease and result in different disability considering the patient’s former daily activities, physical environment and social role. As such, the rehabilitation team customizes solutions for the patient’s integration at home both choosing from the available products in the market (wheelchairs, walking aids, communication and computer access tools, assistive support for housework, health management tasks, bathing, dressing, eating, etc) which ones are more suitable for each individual, and adapting existing products to meet each patient’s specific needs.
  • In order to assure the suitability of every product the team tests and trains their use in our facilities, visiting the patient´s home/work whenever necessary in order to assure its full use and help potential.
  • Due to the difficulty in acquiring certain assistive products and eliminating community barriers we articulate with other institutions, such as city councils, the Social Security, local health institutions, in order to achieve the best integration and participation of our patients in society.
Clarisse Mendes

Carla Rito
Clarisse Mendes
P: 00351 917300017
P: 00351 289 840 700
E: clarissemendes@gmail.com

Carla Rito
P: 00351 962302872
P: 00351 289840700
E: ptcarlarito@sapo.pt
CMR SUL CM_declaration
CMR SUL CR_declaration
Dengun, LDA
  • Web consultancy
  • Web applications development
  • Mobile (smartphones and tablets) applications development
  • Digital marketing consultancy
  • Digital marketing strategy development and implementation
Mário Neto P: 00351 933 878 075
E: mario@dengun.com
  • Consulting in the better approach to apply wireless sensors devices to specific problems
  • Consulting in Wireless sensor networks design and study
  • Prototyping electronic devices like some that can detect freefall based devices
  • Upgrade electronic instrumentation to grant data transmission capacity using WSNs
  • Apply intensive data processing and/or mining as required by specific applications or to solve complex problems using computational intelligence techniques
  • Apply forecasting services related to data or sensor information received via WSNs or other means using computational intelligence techniques
  • Create, adapt or upgrade control systems to specific problems
Sérgio Silva P: 00351 966952867
E: sergiosilva@easysensing.pt
João Guerreiro
  • Casting making and correction
  • Knowledge of Biomechanics, Human Anatomy and Physiology and Pathology
  • Experience in group work activities and lecturing
  • Interpersonal relation ability
  • Knowledge in Prosthetics and Orthotics scientific field
  • Prosthetics and Orthotics used Materials properties and applicability in the elderly
  • Motivation to learn and development
  • Wish to improve and innovate assistive technology devices
  • Wish to research and development for assistive technology, mainly on wheelchair devices
  • Ability in task management and organization
João Guerreiro P: 00351 968076445
E: jqguerreiro@gmail.com
Jorge Renda
  • Consultant Social Security for the promotion and operation of social facilities for the elderly in the Algarve
  • Designer of buildings for nursing homes;
  • President, on a voluntary basis, a promoter of a nursing home institution with capacity for 71 people;
  • Researcher in the area of behaviour and interventions in buildings in service
Jorge Renda P: 00351 96 757 49 55
E: jorge.renda@gmail.com
Mário Saleiro
  • Electronics design
  • Software design and programming
  • Prototyping
  • Mechanic parts design in 3D CAD
  • Robot design
  • Software/hardware integration
  • Computer vision and augmented reality applications
Mário Saleiro P: 00351 916815282
E: mariosaleiro@gmail.com
Marta Botelho
  • Analysis of plantar pressures and confection of foot orthoses (diabetic patients, worker who spend many hours a day standing, falls prevention, flat and cavus feet, plantar fasciitis…)
  • Confection and application of orthopedic devices (ankle foot orthoses, hand splints, adaptations to the activities of daily living, adaptation and advice on the use of products supporting the elderly
  • Formation (footwear and foot orthoses, education of diabetic patients in daily care with feet, first aid, volunteer)
  • Knowledge of research methods in health (translation, validation and adaptation of instruments and questionnaires on health, in particularly rehabilitation and mobility; application of questionnaires / instruments to assess the health status of the elderly)
Marta Botelho P: 00351 916785430
E: ahletob@gmail.com
Monserrat Conde
  • Consulting services that convey clinical expertise transfer to the development of new technologies on the field of geriatric care
  • Fall risk assessment and falls prevention directed
  • Review of scientific literature to support projects
  • Product development based on human movement and ergonomic analysis.
  • Planning, implementation and monitoring of evidenced-based rehabilitation and /or physical exercise programs.
  • Inputs on age-friendly interfaces directed towards healthy and older adults with chronic conditions
  • Inputs on efficient new technologies to be used on functional geriatric assessment in clinical settings
  • Beta Testing of new technologies and products
Monserrat Conde P: 00351 96 534 7614.
E: conde.monserrat@gmail.com
  • Consultancy on Development of new products and services
  • Redefinition of processes / procedures of the organization
  • Implementation of Quality, Environment and Safety Management Systems
  • Audits Integrated Management Systems
  • CE Marking
  • Creation, Development and Brand Management
  • Development Strategies and Marketing Actions
  • Development of communication plans
  • Development a sales strategy
  • Development of Business Plans and Strategic Plans
  • Development of Internationalization Plans
  • Consultancy in Development of Strategic Partnerships
  • Consultancy in the preparation of applications for EU funds
  • Consultancy in Environmental Assessment and Licensing
  • Development of Sustainability Studies Environmental and Energy in Buildings
  • Consultancy in Sustainable Building Assessment (System)
  • Energy Auditing and Certification
Rui Silva P: 00351 913118388
E: rui.silva@ygreen.pt
Tierry Farias
  • Consultancy, design
  • Adaptavity of residences for active aging
  • Acesss and mobility assessement
  • Hazar control/risk analisys assessement
  • Furniture design/adaptation
  • Review of electrical, gas, telecom and water installations
  • Passive memory helpers
  • Discreet domotic systems implementation
  • Kitchen and bathrooms adaptation for residences and condominiums
Tierry Farias P: 00351 36 162 1111
E: tf_farias@hotmail.com


Institution Service Offered Contact Person Contact: Declaration of skills and expertise
Arch studio d.o.o.
  • Development of new products or services
  • Innovation or Technology Audit
  • Research and Development
  • Home automation: lightning, Shading
  • Mobility: Stair lifts and similar devices, ramp
  • Furniture: adapted showers and baths, kitchens
Janez Koritnik P: 00386 41 617 499
E: arh.studio@siol.net
Esplanada d. o. o.
  • Development of new products or services
  • Innovation or Technology Audit
  • Research and Development
  • Home automation: lightning, HVAC
  • Mobility: Stair lifts and similar devices, ramp
  • Furniture: adapted showers and baths, beds, chairs, sofas etc.
Rupert Gole P: 00386 31 605 629
E: rupert@gole.info
FIMA Projekti
d. o. o.
  • Finances
  • Strategy and business models
  • Development of new products or services
Matej Rogač P: 00386 40 211 491
E: info@b2b-group.net
W: www.fima-projekti.b2b-group.net
Fima projekti_declaration
Gorenje Design Studio d. o. o.
  • Development of new products and services
  • Research and development
  • Expertise in comfort: lightning, sensors, controllers, actuators, gateways, household chores and appliances, wheelchairs and scooters, adapted showers and baths
  • Expertise in health and care: emergency assistance systems, automated timers and alerts, monitoring of vital signs, medical devices
  • Expertise in security and safety: environmental controls, security locks of gates and doors
  • Graphic design
  • Architecture
  • Consultancy
Ana Osredkar P: 00386 1 366 85 44
E: ana.osredkar@gorenjedesignstudio.com
W: www.gorenjedesignstudio.com
Institut for market and media research Mediana d. o. o.
  • Marketing and sales
  • Research adn development
  • Strategy and business models
Janja Božič Marolt P: 00386 1 23 45 150
E: janja@mediana.si
W: http://en.mediana.si/home
OPIUS Gregor Bernard s.p.
  • Marketing and sales
  • Research adn development
  • Strategy and business models
Gregor Bernard P: 00386 41 830 463
E: gregor.bernard@siol.net
STENG-Nacionalni center za čistejšo proizvodnjo d.o.o.
  • Production processes
  • Experimental Testing
  • Research and development
  • HVAC; heating, ventilation and air conditioning
Janez Petek P: 00386 2 620 87 17
E: janez.petek@steng-nccp.si
W: www.steng-nccp.si


Institution Service Offered Contact Person Contact: Declaration of skills and expertise
  • ACTIS-Innovation (SARL Innovation SanteConseil) is a French Start-Up based in the South-East area acting for Innovation Projects in Health and for IT andcomputer sciences integration to serve tomorrow uses and new use-cases, in all the representative thematic founding innovation in our society.
SEMIONOFF-BRU Thierry P: 0033 6 78 73 96 71
E: thierry.semionoff-bru@actis-innovation.com
W: www.actis-innovation.com
ASTUS Telemedecine company. ASTUS is the vendor of a unique telemedicine platform that provides doctors, nurses and their patients, with a simple yet effective solution for remote monitoring of patient health.
  • Development of the interfaces required (hardware and software) in order to enable interfacing their sensor(s) to ASTUS existing telemedicine platform.
  • Modification of ASTUS telemedicine platform software in order to integrate the measurements supplied by the sensor(s) to its existing telemedicine platform.
  • Provision of one or more portable diagnosis units and access to one of ASTUS servers for demonstration purposes.
Dominique HENOFF P: 0033 750 86 60 11
E: Dominique.henoff@astus.com
W: www.astus-sa.com

Ompany specialized in IP strategy and management consulting: Audit, Landscape, Benchmarking, Technology Scouting, Infringment, M&A, Licensing & Transactions, Education

Guillaume FERRE P: 0033 4 38 78 22 12
E: Guillaume.ferre@avenium-consulting.com
Cézame Connexions Business development
  • Build business relationships with potential customers.
  • Present your products and services
  • Give your prospecting the time and energy it seserves
  • Leverage our proven processes and methods for your business
Claire Cudrey P: 0033 457 391 878
E: clairec@cezame-connexions.fr
Conicio CONICIO is an industrial design and product engineering consultancy company:
  • Sociology & User centred research
  • Industrial design
  • CADsurface & solid modelling
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Materials research & analysis
  • Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and Assembly(DFA)
  • Proof of concept
  • prototyping
  • Low volume manufacturing and high volume manufacturing partnership
  • Graphical UserInterface design
  • Humaninterface simulation
Vincent SCHMITT P: 0033 482 530 623
E: v.schmitt@conicio.com
W: www.conicio.com
CIU Santé CIU-santé is certified as an expert centre by the National Reference centre for home healthcare and independent living.
Expertise in consulting at each phase of the project, product development, or innovative home healthcare and independent living solution.

4 technical platforms:

Hospital, nursing home, Alzheimer center and simulation apartment to develop e-health, m-health and assistive technologies solutions
Mathilde DEMORY P: 0033 786 15 14 09
E: Demory.m@chu-nice.fr
D&Consultants Supporting companies which want to be innovative in a sector, to develop on new markets and to reassure an industrial investment.
  • Competitive & techs benchmarks
  • Partner search
  • Business plan and Business Models
  • Diversification
  • Market entry strategy…
Dominique CARLAC’H P: 0033680052666
E: dcarlach@detconsultants.com
Efficient Innovation EFFICIENT INNOVATION is the consultancy agency that offers a range of services covering every single need of innovation from the implementation of a strategy and the funding up to the operational development of your project.
  • Business development (identification and contact of potential customers of the offer)
  • Time to market reduction
  • Value analysis / functional analysis
  • Creativity / innovative research of technical concept / problem solving
  • DFMEA (risk analysis)
  • Adjustment to client needs
  • Quick identification of the optimal price of a product or service.
  • Cost / price reduction or optimization
Pierre ALFONSI P: 0033 614 61 95 39
E: p.alfonsi@efficient-innovation.fr
W: www.efficient-innovation.fr
GMP design Design consulting, use and ergonomics. From concept to production Florence MALLET P: 0033 612 18 60 06
E: gmpdesign@gmpdesign.fr
GMP design_declaration
Health Device Investigation
  • A powerful network and controlled expertise in your market, to boost your performance
  • We analyze all economic, commercial and technical parameters to seize the best opportunities on your market
  • We have all the necessary skills to drive your commercial development.
  • Marketing strategies - Closely-argued recommendations - Commercial networks and sales force - Commercial processes
  • We devise and run custom operational-marketing programmes in Europe and worldwide to establish and market your health devices
LOUBENS Thierry P: 0033 6 07 23 12 69
E: Thierry.loubens@gmail.com
Health Device_declaration
INAWA SME developing a proprioceptive bike for elderly. Our offer is based on technology transfer for:
  • Integrating new services with proprioceptive bike workshops, formation and exercices adapted
  • Measures and experimental tests with indicators
  • Coordination of suppliers
  • Project management
Alain BETRANCOURT P: 0033 621 73 37 22
E: Alain.betrancourt@sfr.fr
W: www.selleinawa.com
IXIADE User-centered innovation consultancy company
  • Strategy
  • Market research
  • Design
Isabelle FOURNIE P: 0033 476 25 94 70
E: Isabelle.fournie@ixiade.com
W: www.ixiade.com
Jean François Michel
  • Business Development
  • CEO Coaching
  • Innovation & Brainstorming
  • Qualitative Market researches
Jean François MICHEL P: 0033 6 72 89 07 08
E: jfmichel@apprendreaapprendre.com
KATALYSE Specialized consulting services for SMEs
  • Development strategy
  • Marketing and sales strategy
  • Private and public fundings
Jean-François LECOLE P: 0033 472 68 08 08
E: jflecole@katalyse.com
W: www.katalyse.com
Kproject Kproject is a product design agency created in 2007.
1. Research (User research, Case studies, Market research and positioning)
2. Concept definition
3. Design Development (3D Modelling, Technical specifications and adaptations, Ergonomics and user interaction)
4. Mock-up, prototyping & refinement (Prototype production, Tests and review of prototypes, Modification(s),
Assembly and finishing)
5. Preparation for production (Data pack/production documents, Supervision, Identifying
Quentin BONAIME P: 0033 651 60 41 59
E: q.bonaime@kproject.fr
W: www.kproject.fr
  • Branding
  • Visual language
  • Corporate and product or services Identity.
  • Graphic design
  • Advertising
Yves MOURET P: 0033 607 47 36 38
E: lamarque@yvesmourey.com
W: www.lamarqueyvesmourey.com
LA MARQUE_declaration
Strategic Design, Design Agile ®.
Bruno LEFEVBRE P: 0033 611 96 52 30
E: info@cplusblefebvre.com
W: http://cplusblefebvre.com/
LA LEFEBVRE_declaration
NEWIC Communication agency
  • Digital marketing
  • Web development
  • Motion design and movie
Nicolas GAMBIRASIO P: 0033 676 65 20 69
E: nicolas@agence-newic.com
W: www.agence-newic.com
Pampa Lab
  • Technological expertise in software: 2D and 3D image processing, parallel calculation and algorithm optimisation, embedded software, mobile development, IHM, Data processing, Medical file formats, hardware integration like sensors, geolocalisation, and many other innovative technologies.
  • Product Development: project management, technological intelligence, R&D integration, product development linked to smart objects and connected objects (internet of things).
  • Consulting and Management for product innovation: Lean startup management, Agile methods and other facets of product innovation.
Laurent Pouchoy P: 0033 602 50 03 00
E: laurent@pampalab.com
W: www.pampalab.com
Pampa Lab_declaration
Persistent Systems Persistent has conceptualized a vision of connected wellness to support the emerging models of care such as Accountable Care, Patient Centered Medical Home, Meaningful Use, Medication therapy Management.
  • Accountable Care
  • EMR
  • mHealth&Gamification
  • Medical devices and imaging
  • Lab automation
  • Health Data interoperability
Jean-Baptiste Artero P: 0033 777 901 420
E: Jean-baptiste.artero@persistentsas.com
  • Product / Process Development
  • Industrial Opimization
  • Skills development / Management
Julien THEVENET P: 0033 683 10 20 31
E: j.thevenet@rexia.fr
Résidence Le Moulin Nursing home hosting dependent elderly Frédérique LEFEVRE P: 0033 476 65 40 50
E: Frederique.lefevre@fces.fr
W: www.fces.fr
Résidence Le_declaration
  • Design studies
  • Elastomer moulding
  • plastic injection
  • Silicon extrusion
Guillaume BELLE P: 0033 787 62 63 94 RGF_declaration
Linkidoc Expert in e-health/e-care technologies development:
  • Market studies in e-health and e-care fields (product positioning)
  • Business model commercial action plan
  • Compliance with French telemedicine legislation
  • Training on telemedicine regulation and organisation
Jean-Christophe Coillard P: 0033 6 63 57 96 86
E: jc.coillard@linkidoc.fr
W: www.linkidoc.fr
PLUS2SENS Communication and media relation company:
Claire-Marie SIGNOURET P: 0033 438 38 01 01
E: cm@plus2sens.com
W: www.plus2sens.com
Senior Strategic
  • Consultancy and marketing strategy market Seniors and Boomers: Senior Strategic is the first international network since 1999.
SERRIERE Frédéric P: 0033 9 52 63 36 36
0033 6 87 50 87 94
E: fserriere@fredericserriere.com
Senior Strategic_declaration
SOLADIS SOLADIS is a mathematical, statistical, and biostatistical engineering company, specialized in the expertise, the analysis, and the valorization of data in the sectors of health, industry, and services. We apply our expertise on R&D, industrial and marketing projects. SCHWARTZ Olivier P: 0033(0)472.838.623
E: oschwartz@soladis.fr
TASDA Public agency aiming to spread gerontechnology tools in France:
  • Product assessment
  • Uses cases analysis
  • Counselling about the French ecosystem
Véronique CHIRIE P: 0033 4 76 70 57 80
E: Veronique.chirie@tasda.fr
W: www.tasda.fr

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